Monday, December 14, 2009

The Fiber-optic Wedding Dress

The Fiber-optic Wedding DressWhen Alison Lewis was asked to design a wedding dress with a certain special feature, she had not idea that the bride would be requesting for the dress to light up! After jumping at the chance, she quickly turned this challenge into a beautiful piece of fashion, the fiber-optic wedding dress.

Luminex, a fiber-optic fabric imported from Italy, was used to light up the wedding dress. This gave the dress a soft glowing undercoat without blinding onlookers and guests.

The Fiber-optic Wedding DressThe entire fiber-optic wedding dress runs on 4 AAA batteries, which are located in a hidden pocket.

The Fiber-optic Wedding DressThe final illuminated dress has a soft glowing under skirt with a splash of light on the bodice and finishes at the shoulders with feather-like tendrils.

The Fiber-optic Wedding DressAlison says: "The lighting design was intended to be simple with warm and cool whites. There were no flashing bulbs or severe bright spots. The spectacle of a lighted dress is enough on its own, there was no need to over do it with intense changing colors or a blinding reflection."

The Fiber-optic Wedding Dress
Alison also created a Luminex shawl for the glowing bride to wear to the beach bonfire after the reception. We're thoroughly impressed!

Dress by Alison Lewis, Photography by Carlos Linares III.


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