Monday, July 13, 2009

Groom 101 From The Man Registry the man registryHey fellas! We just wanted to take a sec and let all you grooms out there know there is a resource JUST FOR YOU to help you survive all the aspects of planning a wedding. It's called The Man Registry and it's cooler than a cold beer on a warm day.

From Chris, owner of The Man Registry:
"Guys, we know you're experts on just about everything. But when it comes to weddings, it's only natural to have a burning question or two. Our Groom 101 section includes all of the articles, checklists, and tips that you'll need to get ready for the big day. We know wedding planning isn't the most entertaining thing in the world. We also know that you don't want to spend an entire evening researching weddings, so we've kept all of our content short and to the point."

Well, there ya go. If you got some wedding questions you need some answers to, need some groomsmen gifts, or just want to check out their awesome man wedding registry head on over to the place that was built by guys, for guys.

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