Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Time Inc. Shuts Down InStyle Weddings, Lays Off Nine

instyle weddings shuts down
The popular quartely wedding publication, InStyle Weddings, has just been confirmed to be shut down by parent company, Time Inc.

The final issue will hit newsstands on Dec. 25, and will be there through March.

This news comes on the heels of Conde Nast's folding of Elegant Bride and Modern Bride last month. More news to come as this unfold.


  1. Oh No! I luv Instyle Weddings! Can't believe so many bridal mags are getting the ax. So sad.

  2. I think we will begin seeing a trend of more wedding magazines being shut down. Too much overhead and they are losing tons of readers to online media sources. Not too surprised but yes, still sad.

  3. WOW I had no idea that these magazines were closing. I agree with WedDJ there is just so much on the internet. Im lucky and blessed to be writing for an online blog.

  4. such a shame. 1st Modern bride & now Instyle Weddings :( I definitely aree about the fact that online media sources are definitely the reason why they are losing so many readers.

  5. i love instyle weddings... so many of the small details of my own wedding and now my clients came from this magazine. What I cant' believe is that they are going to continue with instyle hair and instyle makeover... it's a sad day.


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