Thursday, March 17, 2011

{Wow or Weird?} Prince William And Kate Middleton Tribute Cake

Prince William & Kate Middleton Royal Wedding Cake

Baker Michelle Wibowo spent 80 hours sculpting this Prince William And Kate Middleton Tribute Cake.

These edible statues are made out of fruit cake covered in apricot jam and has over 20 pounds of marzipan and 10 pounds of icing sugar. The icing was sculpted with details and then airbrushed with colors to make it look more realistic.

Our question for you... is this Wow or Weird?


  1. Totally weird and slightly creepy looking. Besides the fact that I hate fruit cake. It lasts for years for a good reason!

  2. WOW! I thought this is a painting. I read an article about a fruit cake that was baked hundred years ago and until now it is still preserved. So it means that this cake will last long. You are truly an artist.

  3. Ok I know this cake is not something an amateur could make. And I respect the fact the maker has many hours into it.

    But I just find it really weird.

  4. Michelle did a real good job sculpting this to look like the couple, but I have to admit that this looks a little weird, as I first see it.


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