Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2011: The Year Of The Groom

The groom-centric pros over at Staggered have declared 2011 to be the Year of the Groom.

“What we want wedding companies to do is accept that a wedding should be a celebration of the couple and that obviously includes both brides and grooms. Unfortunately, the feedback from our readers is that grooms are still seen as a bit of an irrelevance by some suppliers." explains Staggered editor Andrew Shanahan.

This is something we can definitely support. Grooms are playing a bigger role in the wedding planning process and it's about time someone declared the groom revolution!

Read the entire article here


  1. The big thing for me is that there are still elements of the groom's experience that don't make it special.

    We've had some *terrible* messages from grooms complaining about [LARGE FORMAL HIRE CHAIN] that basically have made them feel lousy.

    Contrast that with the bride's dress shopping - it's a day of consummate luxury and excitement. Now, we're not saying that we want the bride to lose that, but that from The Year of The Groom onwards we'd love it to be a special thing for both bride and groom.

    Is that so mad?

  2. We're finding more and more grooms are asking for espresso bars/specialty coffee bars for the reception. What's more manly than a few shots of espresso to keep you partying all night?


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