Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hauntingly Beautiful Wedding Video

Artist Simon de Boer Breathes Life Into Old Wedding Dresses

Commissioned by artist Simon de Boer, Jonas and Anika created this video for a project entitled ‘Bride.’ The video contains 270 wedding gowns collected all around Europe and showcases the unique story of them using a black backdrop and invisible models.

We showed a few people around the office and asked them to describe this video in one word. These were their thoughts:

1. Creepy
2. Beautiful
3. Creepy
4. Creepy
5. Creepy
6. Wonderful
7. WTF

What is your opinion?


  1. Creepy, yet effective. I find that I was paying attention to the dresses than to the person wearing them.

  2. Ok whut? That started off seeming like something I could handle, but it slowly turned into something I could not handle. The spinning part did it.

  3. Creepy, yet effective. I find that I was paying more attention to the dresses than anything else.

  4. WAY CREEPY! I didn't even finish watching it. Pretty dresses though.

  5. Fantastically creepy. For some reason it reminds my of The Ring, LOL

  6. Creepy, but then if you start taking the artist's perspective and spin into consideration, his point does come across adequately. The workings of the mind of the artist never fails to impress me...


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