Friday, August 6, 2010

Do you ever take off your wedding/ engagement ring?

Just for fun, we asked a few of our Twitter followers if they ever take off their wedding/engagement ring? The answers just might surprise you:

@TabMcCausland - 16 years and I have never taken it off :)

@vancouverbride - I take it off when I do dishes or take a shower

@WeddObsessed - I always take it off at home

@CachicDesign - Just to spin it on the table ;)

@heidisevents - Every night. I can't sleep with jewelry on

@ohsoglam - Nope, absolutely not. Never

@tos_events Every day when we get in from work. He knows I love him so I don't need it with just the two of us :)

@GlamandGraceWed - Only when doing something messy

@TeenaIngram - I take mine off every night.... can't sleep with jewelry

@hindsightbride - Not usually. Only to clean.

@woodsandco - When showering, doing the dishes, swimming in the ocean

@kathleenkinser - Yes, when I am yard work

@sav_ankerich Never!

@bgproductions - I have to at night because my fingers swell up

@JL_Davis - Only to have it cleaned, or putting on lotion

@MartinGammon - Hasn't taken his off in 12 years!

So, do YOU ever take off you wedding/engagement ring?

1 comment:

  1. I generally take it off to clean or if I am doing something particularly messy with my hands. Any other time I keep it on. I feel like something is missing when I don't have them on.


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