Sunday, July 4, 2010

Most Patriotic Wedding Dress Ever

In honor of Fourth of July, we present to you the Red, White and Blue patriotic flag wedding dress.

fourth of july weddng dress

P.S. We think it's photoshopped too :)


  1. I actually love all the details on a wedding, especially the bride's wedding dress. But what is this? I can't imagine myself wearing that patriotic flag wedding dress on my special day. Yeah, I also think that it was photoshopped at all.

  2. however a true Patriot would know that it's wrong to wear the flag . . .

    and yeah, it looks photoshopped, check the bottom of the first full red strip on the right.

  3. I got married on Flag Day (June 14th) in 2008 and threatened my bridesmaids with a dress like this.. Haha!


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