Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random Wedding Funny #723

It's funny how a six-year old kid can effortlessly destroy a one-in-a-lifetime picture perfect moment. Priceless.

funny wedding pictures



  1. What happen to the kid hands is it bleeding..

  2. That kid rules!!!

  3. That's hilarious. His parents should show this picture on his wedding day.

  4. That is quite funny! The poor child's hand seems to be bleeding though, so maybe he is just trying to attract attention to his plight! Thankfully photoshop will fix both the raised middle finder and the blood, so the memories wont linger too long ;-) Definitely a picture to show on his 21st birthday party though, the unedited one, of course!

  5. thats pretty hysterical but i feel bad for the little guy if his finger is bleeding!


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