Monday, March 15, 2010

Kara Buntin | Wedding PRO

It's no secret that everyone here at BrideTide absolutely loves wedding cakes! Maybe that's why we were so smitten when Kara Buntin from A Cake To Remember agreed to become our newest BrideTide Wedding PRO in our wedding cake corner category! With a background in art and costume design, and a certificate in pastry arts, it's easy to see why Kara is an authority voice in the wedding industry and a thought leader when it comes to all things cake delish! Keep your eyes open for some great upcoming guest blog posts from Kara!Kara BuntinMy name is Kara Buntin, and I’m excited about being a guest blogger for BrideTide! I’m a custom cake designer located in Richmond, Virginia, and I think that every bride should have a cake that will serve as an amazing centerpiece for her reception, but will also be the delicious finish to the evening. There’s no reason to have a mediocre cake at your wedding reception, and I’m on a mission to eradicate the idea that “nobody eats wedding cake anyway.” If the cake is good, people will eat it!

There are a lot of misconceptions about wedding cakes out there. It’s too easy for people who don’t really know anything about cake to write articles based on something that they read, even if their source is wrong. After things are repeated enough times people just take them to be fact, even if they make no sense to someone who actually makes cakes. I’d like to think that my blog entries will help sort some of the fact from the fiction and make it easier for brides to make an educated choice when they select a cake.

If you’d like to send me questions please do, or go to my website to take a look at some of the cakes that I’ve made. I’d love to hear from brides who have questions, and I hope that you enjoy hearing my opinions about cakes here on BrideTide.

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  1. I absolutely agree with you that every bride should have a beautiful center piece cake for the reception.


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