Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ben The Groom | Wedding PRO

Hey everyone! We are excited to introduce one of our new BrideTide PROS to all of our readers so you can begin putting a name with a face. Today's wedding PRO is Ben from BenTheGroom.com and he'll be a regular guest blogger from the Groom Room. Everyone give a warm welcome to Ben!
Ben The GroomHi, I'm Ben from www.benthegroom.com. I'm excited to welcome you all into my life on the guys side of wedding planning!

I asked my beautiful fiancé to marry me this past January and immediately my life changed. Soon, I was reading 'Real Simple Weddings 09' from cover to cover, and after getting the big picture I started searching for helpful groom information. As you may know, there are few online resources dedicated to grooms, which is why I created Ben The Groom.

I was born and raised a preacher's kid, graduated with a communication degree, found myself in marketing, and surprisingly, this wedding has become the focal point my life! Just 2 months ago I was busy playing hockey but now it seems each weekend if filled with vendor visits and guest list analysis.

I was in Norway during grade school, studied abroad in China, and competed in the Baja 1000 off-road race. I'm no wedding expert, but that’s exactly what gives my groom's perspective a whole new look at weddings! I care enough to learn how to best play the role of a groom, but am oblivious enough to give real guy advice.

My site offers style, advice, real stories, and some entertainment all dedicated to the groom. Each day I diary my experience, looking for ways guys can get more involved, while studying bride’s blogs to find out what they really want from us. I look forward to continuing to be a voice for the grooms…we want to be involved, we're just not that great at it yet!
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  1. Hi Ben! My soon-to-be-husband really digs your blog. Keep up the great work and good luck with your wedding planning! Brenda

  2. As a planning groom myself, much props to Ben. Very cool info on his blog.

  3. Thanks guys! Love the feed back and hope to continuing grooms everywhere!

  4. Ben, happy to see you here! Looking forward to your posts - as always!


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