Monday, February 1, 2010

Working Gear Ring For The Unique Groom

the gear ringLooking for a non-traditional wedding ring for that unique groom? Maybe your guy is into all things geektastic? The Gear Ring is made from matte stainless steel and features six micro-precision gears that turn in unison when the outer rims are spun (as can be seen in the video).

We can't figure out if this ring is awesome or just plain stupid. Could you see a groom wearing this?


  1. What an impressive and beautiful ring is that. I hope this is the perfect wedding gift and perfect gift for the lovers and perfect gift for any kind of feelings.

  2. Yes I wear it as my wedding band. All the other bands are so boring. At least people say "wow that's really neat" then you show them that it does more than look neat!

  3. Wow It looks awesome. I love that design very much. My Wedding Band would be really awesome. Everyone present over there liked it very much.

  4. One of the first things that's great about getting stainless steel jewelry is that it is simply beautiful. It can serve as a great accent to any wardrobe that you have. Another great advantage is that jewelry made from stainless steel is not as expensive. Anyway, thanks and I definitely visit this blog more often.


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