Friday, February 5, 2010

Wedding DIY: Mapenvelop

MapenvelopWhile browsing around the internet, we found this lovely little thing called a Mapenvelop that would make for a great wedding project for any DIY-inspired bride. It's basically a regular standard envelope that has the added benefit of a custom-detailed map contained within. This is a clever way to feature the location of your ceremony or reception venue.



Guests will surely appreciate the design and the relevant map information it provides. If anyone decides to take on this project, we'd love to see pics! Good luck!




  1. OK I for one dont see the reason for the pretty paper DIY projects brides do for the inside of the envelopes because ppl just throw them away and dont care about what the inside of the envelope looks like...but this would be something useful and hopefully ppl notice it and dont throw it away!


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