Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Are Pocket Wedding Dresses The Next Big Thing?

pocket wedding dresses
We've got a feeling that pocket wedding dresses are going to huge over the 2010 bridal season, and leading into 2011. Dress designers are already taking note that adding practical uses to fashion can reap big rewards. Would you wear a wedding dress with pockets?


  1. I actually was looking for a dress with pockets, and quite frankly was dead set on having one. I ended up without pockets, though. I'm not great at predicting my own behavior. :p

    But yes. Pockets=awesome.

  2. yes! i'm looking for one in my price range!

  3. That is a refreshing idea to have a pocket in your wedding dress. Never thought of that before.

  4. thnx for d info..i'm a fashion designing student nd was searching for upcoming trend in wedding dresses....nd got d right one! :)


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  6. I am happy with your blog Thanks for sharing.

  7. My dress has pockets! It was definitely one of it's major selling points--space for my chapstick? A-plus! :-)


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