Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Robot Flower Girl!

Robot Flower GirlWe were going to write up a big ol' article about this couple who had a robot flower girl at their wedding, but we decided to just let the pictures do the talking. Cast your eyes on this flower-blowing machine that was built by the bride's sister, Laurel, for the wedding of Allegra Fullerton and Andy Fischer. The sister was a mechanical engineer grad student at Stanford and was inspired to create it since the marrying couple didn't know any young children to act as flower child or ring bearer.

Robot Flower Girl
Driving WeddingBot was pretty straightforward. The amount the stick was tilted forward or back determined the overall speed and the left/right position determined how much it would veer left or right at that speed.

Robot Flower Girl
Holding the trigger button would turn on the fan so that flowers would launch out. The back button would switch left/right turn commands to make driving the robot towards you more intuitive

Robot Flower Girl
For the record, The Flower Girl even took a turn on the dancefloor. Who doesn't love a techy wedding!

(Source: Gizmodo)

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