Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Calling All Wedding Professionals!

wedding statisticsIf you know us at all, you know that we really love wedding statistics. Did you know:

79% of couples get married within 50 miles of their home
57% of couples stay on their honeymoon between 4-7 days
80% of receptions are held indoors
12% of couples get married in a garden or park

As a wedding professional, I personally feel that it should be part of your continuing growth focus to know about certain statistics in your niche and be able to confidently give accurate information to your engaged clients. Knowing the inside details of the current wedding industry is a quick way to distinguish yourself (and your business) from your competitors while qualifying yourself as an authority in your field.
wedding quoteWith that being said, I want to want to invite all the active wedding professionals to jump on over to The Wedding Report and fill out their State of the Industry Survey for Q4 2009. All the data collected from participating wedding vendors will be used to create a useful resource that all industry professionals can use to effectively communicate trends, statistics and predictions to their clients. Such as:

Recent results from a photography survey show that 2010 brides and grooms most (57%) interested in black and white shots and least (2%) interested in trashing the dress.

Recent survey shows the likeliness of a bride or groom to follow a photographer or videographer on a social network and the likeliness of purchase from a photographer or videographer they follow.

Couples primarily looking for warm, bright, bold, and vibrate tones in 2010.

It's easy to see how this information could be very beneficial in showcasing your professional insight about the wedding industry to a deciding client. Brides want a wedding vendor capable of providing a specific service with the added confidence in knowing their hired vendor is hip to the ever-changing pulse of this crazy thing we call the wedding industry.

wedding quotePlease do the entire wedding industry a favor and take the survey. The final results of this survey will be made available late Jan 2010 at TheWeddingReport.com. However, you can view a summary report of the vendor demographics and State of the Industry information at the end of the completed survey.

Together, we can advance the wedding industry.
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