Friday, November 20, 2009

2 Year Old Wedding Cake

This is what happens to a wedding cake if you don't eat it at your 1 year (traditional date) anniversary.

2 Year Old Wedding CakeThis wedding cake was pulled out of the freezer after being stored for over 2 years! Not a pretty site!

While it's recommended that you eat your preserved cake no later than 3 months after the day it is made, more and more brides are choosing the option of having their baker create a 1-year anniversary cake to celebrate the day. Probably helps cut down on the not-so-fresh freezer burn flavor. Bon App├ętit!



  1. Ewwww.... not particularly appetizing!

  2. 2 years !!!!!!! wow amazing its looks good right ?

    wedding cake

  3. Ours was covered in fondant, which gave it an extra layer of protection. It was wrapped in two layers of parchment/freezer paper, two layers of Saran Wrap and an outside layer of aluminum foil. When we pulled it out a year later and defrosted it, there was absolutely no difference from our wedding day - it was moist and perfect.

    It's all in the storage method...


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