Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wedding Tips and Advice For 2009

Every so often, I catch myself jotting down bits of wedding advice that I feel might be beneficial to a planning bride or groom. While some of those little pieces of paper accidentally find their way onto the ground or in the trash, some bravely stick around and pile up patiently waiting for their moment to be shared. I'm proud to say that after some delay, I've put together a few of these to create a list of BrideTide wedding and bridal tips. My hope is that this list is useful and beneficial for planning couples everywhere. Enjoy!
Wedding Tips and Advice For 2009Brides should remember to use a straw when sipping drinks to prevent from ruining their lipstick application.

Taller grooms better compliment a two-button tux jacket while shorter grooms
should opt for a one-button design.

Don't create your bridal registry too early. If you register for items too early, you will find that most of your selected items are either no longer carried or on clearance, which means those items will be harder to find by your wedding guests.

One bottle of champagne will yield approximately 5-6 flute glasses. Use this calculation when budgeting your reception wedding alcohol.

Before your wedding, make arrangements to have your floral decorations donated to a nearby nursing home or a local children's hospital. Flowers are meant to be enjoyed by everyone.

Engagement photos are not just a fun way to capture your love for one another, they also are a good opportunity to "learn" your wedding photographer in a casual atmosphere and create a common chemistry that will be used on your actual wedding day.

A small wedding cake can be made to look bigger and more extravagant by strategically adding flowers, ribbons or other themed decorations.

Pick out your wedding gown first. Decide on your hairstyle second.

One way to keep children guests entertained at a wedding is to provide a basket full of coloring books or printed games/mazes that are easily accessible.

Hydrangea is a type of flower that is is often overlooked but works beautifully for a wedding centerpiece filler.

Twice a year, have your ring professionally cleaned & inspected by a trusted jeweler to make sure your diamond is properly secured and normal wear & tear repairs can be done.

Learning to dance for your wedding is a special gift that you and your spouse-to-be can give to each other. If both of you feel confident and poised while dancing, it will ensure that your very first dance together as wife and husband will be a memory you and your guests will never forget.

Wedding vendors eat too! Remember to include your wedding photographer, DJ and other vendors in your overall reception food count.

The metals of an old ring can be melted down to make a new one.

If you are a DIY bride and are choosing to create your own floral arrangements, be prepared for a lot of prep work. You’ll have to clean, trim, and keep the flowers alive while timing the bloom for two to three days.

Enter all the wedding contests you can find! Not a week goes by that I hear about a luck couple winning something that helps improve their big day. People actually win these contests.

Have one of your bridesmaids designated as the "posture police". This person is in charge of reminding you a few times throughout the night to sit up and stand straight to ensure better photo opportunities. When she reminds you, you remind him.

No matter what you hear, hiring a wedding planner is still the easiest way to have an organized, stress-free wedding.

Registry information DOES NOT get printed on your wedding invitations. Instead, include that information on your bridal shower invites.

Remember to make sure your bridal party eats and has nourishment throughout the entire wedding day. Keep it light and healthy to keep everyone happy and content.

Wedding magazines are nice but wedding blogs are better. By the time a printed wedding magazine gets published, printed and placed for retail sale at the local newsstand, the info and trends inside are usually older than what would be found on a freshly updated wedding blog. Inspiration is constantly evolving.

Wedding Tips and Advice For 2009


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