Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Thoughts On Hiring A Wedding Planner

"You don't just hire a wedding planner for what they do, you also hire them for what they know. Most brides only plan one wedding their entire lives while a wedding planner has the experience and understanding of coordinating numerous celebrations for each diverse individual client. Relying on a professional wedding planner to refine the details of the biggest day of your life is not only practical, it's an intelligent way of minimizing the opportunities for ineffectively handling any unforeseen situations that may arise."

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  1. Rudy~ Thank you for your wonderful endorsement! When Wedding Planners make statements like this, it can sound like we're "tooting our own horn"; it's hugely beneficial for birdes and grooms to hear someone else's perspective.

    The experience and expertise that we bring to the table can be priceless throughout the planning process as well as on the wedding day. I know that we have 'saved the day' many times and in many different ways. Sometimes it seems that clients see the value of our services most clearly on the day of the event. (Sometimes it's all about what DIDN'T happen!)

    But I must add that what we 'do' is equally valuable. I think a simple clarification to this point can be made to say that the bride & groom should have realistic expectations and/or a mutual understanding of what their chosen planner will do for them (as per their service agreement, which varies widely). Truth be told, there's a lot we can do, and a lot of magic we can work - only we don't have a magic wand, so we must charge accordingly.


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