Friday, August 7, 2009

Man Converts 1942 Truck Into A Hot-Rod Wedding Chapel On Wheels

1942 Truck Into A Hot-Rod Wedding Chapel On Wheels
wedding chapel on wheelsIf you're looking for a non-traditional wedding ceremony, look no further than Reverend Darrell Best's hot-rod chapel on wheels. Complete with stained-glass windows, a pipe organ and an altar, Reverend Darrell Best says he has everything he needs in his converted 1942-edition American La France fire engine to wed willing and daring couples.

Although the reverend offers a more traditional wedding ceremony at his brick and mortar chapel, Best Wedding Chapel, in Shelbyville, Illinois, he says it's the truck that gets the most attention.

Best charges a $200 fee plus $2 per mile. He’s performed four marriages and one renewal thus far.

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  1. The Best Wedding Chapel performed my cousins wedding at there wedding chapel in Shelbyville Il. They did a great job, the wedding service was very heartfelt and meaningful. Before the service the charming minister walked the bridal party through the service and everyone felt very comfortable and relaxed. The Best Wedding Chapel is amazingly beautiful, with beautiful decorations and a wonderful environment. I would recomend the Best Wedding Chapel to anyone. Two thumbs up.


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