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Is it necessary to write thank-you cards to my wedding vendors after our big day?

rudy bridetide.comOK, so the wedding is over, you're back from your honeymoon and it's time to start writing some thank-you cards to the people that helped make your day special and memorable. One common question that a lot of brides ask is:

"Do I have to send a thank-you note to my wedding vendors?"

In short, no, it's not necessary to send your wedding vendors a thank-you card, but, personally I feel it is an overall nice gesture that is often overlooked by most newlyweds. Wedding professionals do a lot of behind-the-scene work that if done properly, most people won't even notice. That fact by itself is a reason to send them a quick note of appreciation. But, what if your vendor went above-and-beyond what you would call exceptional service?

Want to know a little secret: Wedding pros LOVE testimonials!

One great way to show a wedding vendor some gratitude for their outstanding service at your wedding is to post some stellar reviews of them on some popular wedding vendor rating websites such as Wedding Wire, Project Wedding or Yelp. Unlike personal written thank-you notes, customer testimonials are a public recommendation to potential clients that a certain vendor is professional, reliable and newlywed approved. These sites are fast becoming popular resources for planning couples that are trying to decide which vendors to choose and work with in their local area. Your online review and testimonial not only helps build their professional credentials, it creates an atmosphere of helping, support and guidance. And if you ask me, every planning bride would appreciate more of that.

Together, we can advance the wedding industry.
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  1. It's never necessary to thank anyone, but it is a lovely and wonderful touch. Here's a secret: if you don't have time to write out a formal thank you card, then email us.

    It makes standing on your feet for over 16 hours a little better.

  2. A thank you note isn't necessary, you have enough to do after the wedding is over. A testimonial is the best thank you I could receive... great post!

  3. I love the second half of the article that suggests an alternative thank you gesture--going out and publicly complimenting the vendor on a forum or blog. I actually wrote a followup on our blog.

    LCI Paper

  4. yep i agree! thank you notes are great but a public review is great too and really helps out our businesses :)

  5. I totally agree - I absolutly LOVE hearing from my brides and clients. Emails of thanks, Testimonials, Blog about my creations... they are all wonderful and make everything I do so worth while.

    yes the money is part of why I do what I do but honestly - if i never heard any thank you or happy client testimonial from this day on - I think I would become burt out and all the money in the world wouldn't make me want to keep doing it.

    I have gotten a few thank you cards in the mail over the years too..some with my brides and grooms pix in them and it totally warms my heart to know that they loved my contrabution to their day so much that they went out of their way to thank me specially.

    great blog post :)

  6. I love receiving a thank you card/email and or a testimonial on a website, it makes me feel that what i'm doing is what i'm meant to do :)

  7. Who doesn't like a pat on the back for a job well done or even a simple "Thank you for your work." I keep those tacted up on my studio wall.

  8. I'm a wedding photographer and while I certainly comments on blogs I also love it when I get hand written thank you notes. It's personal , honest and is an intangible benefit of the job that makes it worth it.

  9. I do love receiving a note about the service. As a vendor you are performing a service and the last payment is all that is required. But as a human being, a thank you note really lets you know that the you did a great job. It just feels good and helps you serve the next client with confidence.

  10. Its the little details - like a sweet and nice thank you note that keeps us going! Although not necessary, very much appreciated by most. I'm a big believer in recognition.

    Alice K. Villar
    Affairs Remembered

  11. Certainly our fees and gratuities cover our costs but it's word of mouth that keeps us in business. That's why referrals and testimonials are the highest compliment. The feedback and endorsement is ultimately more valuable than the one time sale because it represents our reputation which is priceless. Vendors build up a portfolio and credibility based on a solid history of success and customer service.

  12. Aloha from Maui,
    As a travel agent who specializes in destination wedding travel I make it a point to CALL each and every guest when they ARRIVE here in Hawaii. That way if there are any problems or concerns I can fix it right then on the spot!There isn't too much I do if I don't hear about it until weeks later when the client arrives back home.

    The other thing I do is send a follow up email once the guest returns home. I do this for 2 reasons. 1.) I want to see how the rest of their trip went. As a resident of Hawaii I am not able to eat at each and every place I suggest more than once a year or so. This way I can make sure that the places I recommend to my clients are just as good as I remember. The second reason I send the email is 9 times out of ten this is the time the client will give me thanks. I always ask them if I am able to print this information on my website or other places such as wedding websites, etc. I have never had a client say no to this request.

    From time to time I do actually get a thank you card in the mail. But we all know how rare it is to actually get snail mail nowadays. I am happy with the email.

    Marie Glodt
    Travel to Maui


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