Thursday, July 9, 2009

Marry This Woman, Get A Free 1992 Jeep

Marry This Woman, Get A Free 1992 Jee
That's right folks, you read the title correctly. A Utah woman has put a classified ad on a local city news station that offers a free 1992 Jeep Wrangler to any gentleman that will marry her.

For the record, the Jeep has a lift, safari top for the summer/hard top for the winter, rear locker, 33" tires an 8000 lb winch. Oh, did we mention it comes with kids?

Here are the Terms and Conditions:
- Marriage must last a minimum of 5 years.
- Must include a gay honeymoon destinations
- Must include weekend trips (in the Jeep) to Moab

As an added bonus, the deal also includes a Honda 400EX. Seriously.

I assume a car wash would be an appropriate wedding gift? If you happen to be interested, you can email

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