Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Twilight-themed Wedding

twilight theme wedding movie
twilight movie wedding themeHere's a cool little article that lists 10 suggestions for providing inspiration if you are looking to have a Twilight-theme wedding. Don't think it's all about vampires and goth. Done right, this could be a very chic wedding celebration.


  1. OOOkayyy. Twilight wedding theme? Anyone else think this "twilight" thing has gone a little TOO far? I mean I'm 15, and I may not know too much about wedding themes but hey, TWILIGHT? Well, whatever floats your boat and makes your perfect day yours, that's fun, and the style's really cute, don't get me wrong. The deeper crimson and the crisp roses, so amazing and different if that's what someone's aiming for. But it's kinda a stretch, a bit too fantasized? Anyone else agree? Beautiful, but classified a little far. Again, if it makes someone happy, then go for it. But that's just my opinion:)

  2. I'm 24 & am getting married soon. I am completely having a Twilight themed-wedding. This will be my first (and hopefully only) wedding. I mean I'm not having cardboard cut outs of the characters but I am planning the theme around the books.

  3. It is quite an interesting difference in perspective coming from the two young ladies here. Personally I'm taking the centre perch here and saying that I am all for a bit of vampire glamor, even at a wedding, but that restraint should be exercised to make it look classy, and not cheesy (read trailer parkish)


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