Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Can you call it a proposal if there isn't a ring?

Interesting article over at The Frisky explains that one common cost-cutting tactic being used by couples is foregoing the engagement ring when accepting their proposal commitments. Are we seeing a break in the classic tradition of proposing your marriage with an engagement ring? My question is: Is It A Proposal If There Isn’t A Ring?


  1. of course! what kind of a stupid question is that?

  2. Yes - the ring is just a formal acknowledgement of the promise between folks... there are many proposals today that dont have the ring to "seal the deal".. a kiss and a "yes" in answer to the heart-felt question should be enough. And in these times?! 3 x $0 will get you a heck of a ring :-)

  3. @ Lissy - yeah, we feel the same way.

    @ MidnightCrafter - Nicely said.


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