Friday, April 3, 2009

The Huge List of 101 Wedding Makeup Tips For Every Bride

Karen over at the Makeup & Beauty Blog has put together a great resource for any bride-to-be that is needing some tips or advice for establishing their wedding day look. The article contains video demonstrations, professional examples and links to some of the best wedding makeup sites on the web. Some example topics covered are:

Wedding Day Makeup Lesson by Chanel
Wedding Day Makeup Before and After
How to Choose Makeup Colors for Your Wedding Day
Sexy Bride Makeover!
South Asian/Arabic Bridal Makeup Looks
MAC Makeup Tutorial for a Bridal Look
Tips for Long Lasting Wedding Makeup
Summer Makeup Tips for Brides
How to Choose Makeup for Bridal Photography
Classy Wedding Look
More Celebrity Wedding Makeup Looks
Wedding Day Lash Look
Airbrushing for Longer Lasting Makeup
Applying Foundation for Wedding Day Makeup
Wedding Makeup Secrets
Do-It-Yourself Celeb Wedding Makeup
And tons more!

This is probably one of the best collection of wedding day makeup tips we've ever seen!

To read the entire list of 101 Wedding Makeup Looks, click here.


  1. Thanks for sharing - these are great tips!

  2. The celebrity wedding makeup tips are pretty cool.

  3. Everyone bride needs this information. It is important that the bride looks beautiful, but not too over made up.


  4. Thanks for everyone's comments! We love sharing great info with our readers!


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