Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Collection of Free Planning Tools From Eco Chic Wedding

This wonderful collection of planning tools from Eco Chic Wedding are free for you to download and print. Click on each tool/icon for more details.

To reduce the amount of ink used while printing, the great folks over at Eco Chic Wedding have formatted all the files in grayscale. Although using a paperless online planner would be a more eco-friendly tool, we understand it is not always the most practical when you are away from your computer visiting vendors and sourcing venues.

When printing this planner, we encourage you to print multiple pages on one sheet. Click here for multi-page printing instructions.

Send us your thoughts!


  1. Very cool eco website. Those printable checklist are pretty nifty.

  2. Loving the green wedding idea. Hope more and more bride-to-be choose that route.

  3. I was looking for some kind of guest list checklist..and thanks to you, I've found one. Super cool.

  4. Never heard of that blog. Gotta add it to my bookmarks. Thanks.


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